Images are everywhere. We actively indulge in shooting, posting, liking and sharing. Visual storytelling has become a fancy tool to reach out and convince others. 


And of course, we enjoy that influential side of images! But what is it that makes us moved by one image and indifferent to another?


Just as a story has an exciting sequence of conflicting and complimentary forces, images too mark the things that are essential to us. They show what drives us and show us the way forward.  


Visual storytelling with Creative Consuming tools is about telling your story in a way that supports your own goals and aspirations.

Creativity is the ‘must-have’ thing of the 21st century. So much so that the word itself is becoming cliché and a turn-off. That’s why we promise to never ask you to ‘improvise’. Instead, you get clear easy-to-follow steps to craft a visual message and foster creativity, while helping your audience to engage with  your core values and actual needs.


It’s never the facts, but emotions what connects others with your message. With Creative Consuming the narration process itself incites thinking outside the box turning to encouragement for your audience, but also for yourself.


Lets make you journey be known and your hero inspired!

In stories a hero embarks on a journey to overcome obstacles. But what does every proactive person – just like you and I – do Monday to Friday? Aren’t we all everyday heroes, whether we like it or not?


Ultimately we all try to give our best and make great things happen. Just like a hero, we have our share of ups and downs as we strive to make our dreams come true.


MakeItHappen is a set of playful tools to dig deep and bring into focus your own motivation agents, be strategic in making things happen and let your past work for your future.  

what is one thing that can support your next move towards your vision?



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