When values of social entrepreneur meet multi disciplinary artist’s approach and spirit of researcher.

[ Destination well-being ]


Since teenage till now my natural aspiration to create inspiring connections drove me through fields of visuals arts, group dynamics and design. My experience resulted in manifold series of tools and workshops to facilitate community building, personal motivation support and body-awareness. Fascinated by images, movement and group synergy I particularly value the movement that image and communication start within each and every person.


[ Sustainability is a new endurance ]


I believe that environmental starts within individuals. To make changes possible, it is important to create straightforward playful tools, that can simply fit busy agendas and become routine  supporting personal and social well-being.


Same as teaching language means creating the opportunities to actually use it, facilitating well-being is about establishing means for individuals to relay on their personal story, potential and community. When designing both programs and object, I venture to create possibilities for promoting thoughtful self-expression and social consciousness.