do your know wnat's your next step towards your  vision?

MakeIt is a set of playful tools to dig deep and bring into focus your own motivation agents, be strategic in making things happen and let your past work for your future.

Make your intention a powerful fusion of your vision and potential.

We all know what a roller-coaster ride motivation can be. Every twist and turn could be a game-changer. Your hard work doesn’t pay off straight away, not to mention, that sometimes things just don’t work out at all.

In stories the hero has the benefit of being ahead of the game. In life, more likely than not we will meet challenges unprepared, armed merely with questions, zeal and hesitations. 

Yet there is one thing in common that every great story and effective project management tools have. 


    WHERE ARE YOU HEADING & MOST                                  IMPORTANTLY,

             HOW TO GET THERE!

The map towards the promised land, the sword to fight for what really matters, the compass to find your way home: the elements needed to make it are all the same. 

Easier said than done, right? Even when it looks like you are on the same page with others, in all but name your story is still is a different one. 


At the core, the substance of achievement is not about where you end up, but even more so where and why you start your undertaking.

what's one thing that will support your next move towards your vision?


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